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Wits & Wagers
Wits & Wagers First Edition

Wits & Wagers

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Designer(s) Dominic Crapuchettes
Publisher(s) North Star Games, LLC
Players 3-7, Best With 7
Play Time Filler - Under 30 Minutes
Suggested Age 10+

Tired of trivia games where you don't know the answers? You don't need the right answers when you play Wits and Wagers. It's all about guessing and betting in this fun party game that turns traditional trivia games upside down. All ages will love trying to make their best educated guess on random questions. Play starts with a single question on the betting mat. All questions have a number as the answer.  Everyone writes down their best answer and each player bets on which one they think is right. Bet on the closest answer and win the jackpot. Be the richest at the end of seven questions to become the guesstimation expert. All you need is a little wit and the right wagers to master this trivia game! Highlights: Winner of over 36 awards including Major Fun Award, Golden Geek Winner and Mensa Select!