Xenon Profiteer

Xenon Profiteer

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Designer(s) Error, T. C. Petty, III
Publisher(s) Error, Eagle-Gryphon Games
Players 2-5, Best With 2
Play Time Filler - Under 30 Minutes
Suggested Age 10+
XENON Profiteer is a highly thematic, deck-deconstruction, euro game for 2?4 entrepreneurs. Each player takes control of their own Air Separation Facility and distills Xenon from their Systems to complete lucrative contracts. You will also expand your facility by building upgrades, pipelines, and acquiring new contracts. 

In a decidedly different take on the classic deck?building format, XENON Profiteer not only actively encourages players to remove cards from their decks, it is absolutely essential in order to isolate Xenon. Players strategically remove cards from their hand (and deck) through Distilling in order to isolate the Xenon in their hand. 

Players also buy powerful upgrade cards for their facility in order to become more efficient, and, depending how much they pay, can either place them directly into their system (deck) or install them directly into their facility to be used every turn for the remainder of the game. 

After a player has either completed 5 contracts or installed 5 upgrades, the game end is triggered and the player with the most Xenon points is the winner. 

Do you have the ingenuity, strategy, and tactical fortitude it takes to be recognized by several reputable business publications as the owner of the most influential domestic supplier of Xenon?