Zombicide: Black Plague – Abominarat and Dr. Stormcrow

Zombicide: Black Plague – Abominarat and Dr. Stormcrow

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Publisher(s) Cool Mini Or Not
Players 1-6, Best With 3
Suggested Age 0+


Rats are long-time friends and enemies of mankind. We should have imitated them as they flew in a panicked manner when the zombie plague began, as if they instinctively knew Death was in the air. For a few weeks, we got rid of rats and didn't have to fear them to steal our food or worse, to bite us. The respite could soon be over, though, as some rats got infected and turned into giant monstrosities.

The Abomniarats lurk around tunnels, floors and ceiling, laying ambushes to catch the unwary off-guard. I don't know what scares me the most: their nasty fangs, the nightmarish diseases they carry, or the way they lurk around, remaining unseen despite their size... and stench!

Doctor Stormcrow
"A most remarkable infection."

Doctor Stormcrow is in this fight for the research. An expert on every form of infectious disease existant, the sheer virulence of the zombie plague staggers him with its sordid beauty. he's convinced that while magic is at the core of the initial outbreak, the subsequent spreading infection has wholly natural elements. He cites the Creeping Death and the Bloody Flux as his sources (which have slain untold hundreds of thousands when left unchecked), in addition to the complete lack of magical emanations seen in most mobile zombies. If he can prove his theorems (and develop a cure), perhaps the necromancers can be deprived of their seemingly limitless hordes."